Solid Homes – Beautiful Northern Arizona Homes

Solid Comfort. Solid Value.

New Luxury Townhome Community

Now Selling

Bellemont, Arizona
Shadow Mountain Village

1,600 – 1,818 Sq Ft

Sold Out

Flagstaff, Arizona
Presidio in the Pines

1,692 – 2,280 Sq Ft

Built Upon
Solid Foundations

With over 65 years of combined experience in the great state of Arizona, every home we build is built to last. We invite you to experience your best home living and learn about what makes our homes different:

The Solid Homes Mission

To design and build quality yet affordable homes that our homeowners can be proud to own. We are a family-owned and multi-generation home building company founded on the idea that when you treat your subcontractors, suppliers, and homebuyers the right way, you can deliver a quality finished home at an affordable price. 

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